A summary of our town

Professor Willard speaks to the audience about the history of the town. Joe Crowell delivers the paper to Doc Gibbs, Howie Newsome delivers the milk, and the Webb and Gibbs households send their children Emily and George, respectively off to school on this beautifully simple morning. Love and Marriage[ edit ] Three years have passed, and George and Emily prepare to wed. The day is filled with stress.

A summary of our town

Act 2 Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Our Town, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. The Theater The Everyday and the Ordinary Marriage and the Family Summary Analysis As the audience enters the theater, the stage manager places some tables and chairs on an otherwise empty stage, as well as a bench.

He is both a character within the play and outside the world of the play, as he sets up the chairs and tables on-stage, and is conscious of the fact that he is acting in a specific production of a written play.

Active Themes The stage manager shows the audience the layout of the city on the stage—almost none of which is actually marked by props of any kind—including its several churches, town hall and post office combined in one buildingschools, grocery store, and drugstore.

He points out Dr. He says that the town is nice, but unremarkable. The lack of props or backdrops for the town emphasizes the fact that the play is not real.

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Active Themes The morning is just beginning, and Dr. Gibbs is returning to his house after helping a mother in the Polish neighborhood of town give birth to twins. Gibbs walks into her kitchen and begins preparing breakfast. The stage manager tells the audience that Dr. Gibbs died inlong after Mrs.

Gibbs had died while visiting her daughter in Ohio. The fact that Mrs. Webb also begins to make breakfast in her own home. Outside, Joe Crowell walks down Main Street, delivering newspapers. Joe speaks with Dr. Gibbs, who asks if there is anything important in the newspaper.

Joe replies that his schoolteacher is getting married. They talk about the weather before Joe leave to continue his newspaper route. The biggest news that Joe has is that his teacher is getting married. The stage manager tells the audience that Joe graduated high school at the top of his class and got a scholarship to MIT.

He had plans to be a great engineer, but he died while fighting in the army during World War I. Active Themes The milkman Howie Newsome enters with an invisible horse and cartdelivering milk to various houses.

He talks to Dr.

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Gibbs and then delivers some milk to Mrs. Gibbs calls for her kids to get up and come to breakfast, as does Mrs. Webb in her own house.

Gibbs some coffee and food and encourages him to try to get some sleep, after being up all night with the birth of the twins. The local milkman much like the paperboy Joe is a hallmark of small-town Americana.

Even as the stage manager explains the coming deaths of Joe and Mrs. Gibbs, the play also includes this birth of the twins. Like the deaths, the births are treated as unremarkable. Active Themes In their separate houses, Mrs. Webb continue to call for their children to come to breakfast.

Gibbs that their son George has not been helping with chores around the house lately. Gibbs calls after her children again, who still have not come downstairs for breakfast. George sixteen and Rebecca eleven. In the Webb household, Emily sixteen and Wally eleven come down to breakfast.Our Town is a metatheatrical three-act play by American playwright Thornton Wilder.

It tells the story of the fictional American small town of Grover's Corners between and through the everyday lives of its citizens. Free summary and analysis of Act One in Thornton Wilder's Our Town that won't make you snore.

A summary of our town

We promise. He addresses the audience, telling them that they are about to see a play called “Our Town” and names the director and actors of the particular production.

He identifies the setting of the play as Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire on May 7, Our Town tells a story of the town Grover's Corners and focuses on two families: the Webbs and the Gibbs. In Grover's Corners, life is ordinary and families stay for generations.

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In Grover's Corners, life is ordinary and families stay for generations. Westfield and Hammerson created the Croydon Partnership to redevelop the Whitgift Centre into a new state-of-the-art retail and leisure centre in Croydon. We believe that our over £ billion r. Our Town study guide contains a biography of Thornton Wilder, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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