An analysis of the reasons for the start of world war one and the assassination of the liberal austr

Other factors in the constitutional changes were continued Hungarian dissatisfaction with rule from Vienna and increasing national consciousness on the part of other nationalities or ethnicities of the Austrian Empire. Hungarian dissatisfaction arose partly from Austria's suppression with Russian support of the Hungarian liberal revolution of — However, dissatisfaction with Austrian rule had grown for many years within Hungary and had many other causes.

An analysis of the reasons for the start of world war one and the assassination of the liberal austr

Although there were many causes of World War One this assassination, as most kids have read in their history books, was the spark that led to hostilities.

An analysis of the reasons for the start of world war one and the assassination of the liberal austr

Below are a list of interesting facts about this event including when the assassination occurred, where the Archduke was assassinated, and how it led to the outbreak of WW1. Click here for a great selection of Amazon.

Background to the Assassination By June of Europe had become a powder keg due to tensions between the major military powers; it was a situation just waiting for a spark to ignite it.

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Read about how Europe got into this situation on our World War One Causes page; for an explanation of the major causes. A group of seven Bosnian Serbs planned to kill the Archduke as his motorcade travelled down the Appel Quay; the main road in Sarajevo.

Several of them positioned themselves along the route. The first attempt was made by Nedeljko Cabrinovic.

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The bomb was deflected and exploded away from its target injuring several onlookers. Like the other would be assassins Gavrilo Princip had positioned himself along the Appel Quay the main street in Sarajevo.

After the first attempt at the assassination failed the Archdukes car travelled past Princip to quickly for him to attempt to kill the Archduke. Archduke Ferdinand was shot at close range by Gavrilo Princip.

He was hit in the throat and his wife was hit in the stomach. Both died minutes after the shooting.


Perhaps due to the historical significance of the assassination the killing of the Archduke and his wife is often not described at a human level. This was a horrific event. As Archduke Ferdinand was bleeding to death from the wound to his neck he begged his wife, who lied mortally wounded on his lap, to stay alive for the sake of their children.

Aftermath of the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Following the assassination a series of diplomatic events took place that would lead to the Austro-Hungarian Empire declaring war on Serbia. This in turn would lead to all the major military powers in Europe becoming involved due to pre-established alliances.

The assassin, Gavrilo Princip, was 19 years old at the time of the assassination; too young to legally receive the death penalty; he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He would die in prison from tuberculosis in Several of the participants in the conspiracy were executed while others received jail sentences of various lengths.The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, in June of led directly to the outbreak of World War One.

“The Red Prince” offers a fascinating window into the life of a one-time Habsburg archduke, while simultaneously telling the story of Central and Eastern Europe from the outbreak of the First World War to the ¬consolidation of Communist power in /5.

The war started when Serbia, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and G e r ~ n a n y decided that war or the risk of war was an acceptable policy option. In the aftermath of the Halkan wars of , the decision-makers in eastern Europe acted more assertively and less cautiously.

World War I Summary & Analysis. BACK; NEXT ; The World Goes to War. World War I was a watershed moment for America, a time when an isolationist nation involved itself in world affairs and began the rise to the economic and military power that America is today.

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A liberal democracy is a system of governing a country. It is one in which the citizens of the country have total freedom and equality.

World War I had left the country in shambles and, as if that weren't enough, the people of Germany had from all different walks of life founded America.

Many of these people came to America as now know.

How did the death of Franz Ferdinand help cause World War 1