Are the elderly more of a burden or blessing

Is this the society for all ages we envisioned in ?

Are the elderly more of a burden or blessing

In this passage God tells us that anyone of us can share in the blessing he has given to Abraham. This is the main burden of this message and the main point of this passage: Now, I recognize that for some of you this may sound quaint but not too exciting.

There was no more relevant question for Paul or the Galatians or those stirring up confusion and trouble in Galatia.

Are the elderly more of a burden or blessing

As is the case with most things about which the Bible speaks, you will find them more relevant as you understand what they are. The Reverse of the Curse So, then, what is the blessing of Abraham to which Paul refers in this passage?

Perhaps the simplest way to define it is this: If you look at the storyline of Scripture, you find that God called Abraham, and promised to extend his blessing through Abraham, in Genesis But this chapter comes not only on the heels of Genesiswhich describes the Fall and its after-effects; but it comes as a direct response to what we see in those chapters.

And what is it that we see in that portion of Scripture that describes the Fall and its after-effects? Human beings are adding to their catalogue of evil as the generations roll past—jealousy, anger, murder, vengeance, violence, corruption, drunkenness, sexual disorder, arrogance.

Women enjoy the gift of childbirth along with suffering and pain. Men find fulfillment in subduing the earth, but with sweat and frustration.

Both enjoy sexual complementarity and intimacy, but along with lust and domination.

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Every inclination of human hearts is shot through with evil. Technology and culture are advancing, but the skill that can craft instruments for music and agriculture can also forge weapons of violent death.

Nations experience the richness of their ethnic, linguistic and geographical diversity along with confusion, scattering and strife. No doubt, most of you have seen some of the horrific video footage of the devastation wrought by the tsunami that recently struck Japan.

And then imagine that great reversal not just for Japan, but for the entire creation—and indeed the entire cosmos. This is why God blessed Abraham, and called him to be a blessing to the nations, the whole world: This is the ultimate solution to all of our problems; this is the answer to every one of our dilemmas; this is the antidote to every disease, the resolution to every conflict.

Are the elderly more of a burden or blessing

This is what every one of us needs; this is what every one of us deep down really wants. This is the blessing God promised to Abraham, and to those who are blessed along with Abraham.

“The elderly are a blessing, not a burden” – Respect Life Month – Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

To put it simply: This is the whole thrust of this passage. In particular, in verse 8 Paul quotes the key passage from Genesis 12, where God says to Abraham: And this makes sense.

And so it is with Abraham and sharing in his blessing. So, the next logical question becomes: How do you become a son or daughter of Abraham? After all, the Lord God did say explicitly to Abraham: Yet what Paul understands from Scripture itself is that God had already declared his intention to bless the nations apart from them becoming Jews.

Thus, Paul can say a most remarkable thing: Therefore, Paul can draw the conclusion: Those who are of the same faith as Abraham share in the same blessing promised to Abraham.

The elderly ... a blessing or a burden? It's time we had a long, hard think

What does it mean to be a man or woman of faith, like Abraham? It means, first of all, that you have a Christ-focused faith. No, what it meant for Abraham was to believe in the God who had spoken a very specific word to him, a word of promise.

But now, in these last days, God has spoken to us through his Son cf. Jesus Christ is the one who has died and been raised and now sits at the right hand of God and will one day return to judge the living and the dead; and it is this Jesus in whom all the promises of God are both Yes and Amen.

And so to be a man or woman of faith, and thus a child of Abraham, is to live a life of faith that is focused upon all that God has promised to do for you and for the world in his Son, Jesus Christ.

But to be of the same faith as Abraham also means that this faith of yours is an obedient faith.Oct 05,  · And as the old-age dependency ratio – the ratio of elderly people to the working age population – goes off balance, welfare models will be pushed to .

Prayers: Prayer For Renewed Strength. O Lord, my God, Please give me the grace to maintain my hope in you.

through all of life’s changes. . ‘unproductive’, ‘dependent’, ‘burden to society’ images which many have accorded to older persons after their retirement from gainful employment in mainland China.

The ethnographic and survey results (N=) show grandparents to be an integral part of the process of raising grandchildren and of family life in urban Xiamen. Dec 22,  · I’ll state it simply. Your hard drive only has a limited amount of storage. Once it is filled up, no more can be added without deleting something.

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