Chinese influence on your culture essay

Recent research suggests that it may be a cultural construction. More traditional, non-Western cultures may have a shortened period of emerging adulthood, or no emerging adulthood at all, because these cultures tend to place greater emphasis on practices that lead to an earlier transition to adulthood. The purpose of this study was to examine emerging adulthood in the Chinese culture, including 1 the types of criteria Chinese young people deem necessary for becoming an adult, 2 the types of behaviours Chinese emerging adults are engaging in, 3 identity-related issues, and 4 other aspects of Chinese culture that might suggest that emerging adulthood in China may be different than in the United States.

Chinese influence on your culture essay

A whiteboard or blackboard at the front of the class A large world map optional Purpose To explore what factors influence a change in culture amongst a community or group of people.

Context This lesson is part of a group of lessons that focus on the social, behavioral, and economic sciences. For more lessons and activities that take a closer look at the social, behavioral, and economic sciences, be sure to check out the SBE Project page.

Social change can come from various forces both inside and outside a community, yet globalization is one thing that seems to be able to influence the culture of even the most isolated groups of people, especially through the mediums of television and the Internet.

The Internet and mass media have had an impact on all societies, but this lesson highlights two communities for which the impact is blatantly visible. Students will be introduced to two groups of people, the first a remote Yupik Eskimo village of people, a subsistence community in which the adults still hunt and fish for survival.

Much of the younger generation, which is tied to the Internet and satellite television, is not interested in carrying on the traditions of their elders. The Chinese influence on your culture essay, traditions, and way of life of this village are struggling to survive.

In the development of the lesson, students will focus on Bhutan, a remote Buddhist kingdom where untiltelevision and the Internet were illegal. This nation, protected by its monarchy, may be one of the most isolated nations in the world. Due to its isolation, the people of Bhutan still maintain a strong culture, but television and the Internet are definitely influencing society.

According to the National Science Education Standards, technology influences society through its products and processes.

Changes in technology are often accompanied by social, political, and economic changes that can be beneficial or detrimental to individuals and to society.

But students need to be aware that technological changes do not occur in a vacuum because social needs, attitudes, and values influence the direction of technological development.

Chinese influence on your culture essay

Research shows that sometimes students will impose values from their own culture upon other cultures. If this becomes apparent through discussion with your students, the lens they are looking through may be worth exploring in conversation. Planning Ahead We recommend that you print hardcopies of all the articles students will read, just in case you encounter computer or printer problems.

Motivation Culture is not a word or a thing that is simply defined, but it is worth discussing in a broad sense before students explore factors that can change or influence communities. Keep in mind, too, that the learning goal is focused on social change, the word social perhaps having a broader scope than culture.

This lesson uses both terms, each where it seems more appropriate. First, have a brief discussion with students about what these words mean.

You may want to write the definitions on the board before or after starting the discussion. Feel free to use your own favorite dictionary. Ask students these questions: How would you define culture?

How would you define society? What are the differences between the two? This is a hard concept to put into words, but is worth pursuing with your students. It may be that culture applies to a group of people, but is broad, encompassing a variety of things.

Culture also has historical roots. Society is based more on abstract concepts and structure, such as political structure or a religious belief system. Using the whiteboard or blackboard at the front of the class, write the following headings across the top and ask students to finish the sentences.

Make lists below each heading. Elements of culture are… Some ideas for culture are art, language, beliefs, traditional ceremonies, dress, and music. Societies are grouped together based on… One idea for society is its form of government. A way of life may fall under both.

Factors that can change or influence a community, society, or a culture are… Factors could include advances in science, new technologies, conflict, etc. You are encouraged to add to both lists throughout the lesson.

The last heading will help you gauge students' awareness of factors that influence groups of people to change. It addresses the learning goals taught in this lesson and there will be a chance for students to revisit this idea throughout the lesson.

Development In this part of the lesson, students will continue to learn about social change in the context of two cultures:The study of Chinese literature and culture will help you bridge the cultural gap, better understand your Chinese counterparts, and create a platform of knowledge and understanding with them that is crucial for effective communication.

Nov 21,  · Influence of western culture essay. Posted on November 21st, by. junk food essay conclusion help gppa essay macbeth characteristics essay gender roles in movies essay full sourcing your essays. Exemplary leadership essay for college. That is, the performative approach to culture highlighted the performative dimensions in cultural transformation and stasis, whereas the system-of-meaning approach explained well the perennial aspects and effects of culture but had little to say about cultural transformation.

On cultural terms, diffusion is when cultural traits such as objects, ideas or behaviour patterns are spread from one culture to another. Cultural diffusion can be implied in various aspects in life such as food, thoughts on religion, music, language, the clothes we wear or our education.

You must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of working with a group of people that share your culture (e.g., a Chinese community builder working in a Chinese community).

You have the advantage of already knowing the culture and the language. media, popular culture, and the american century Edited by of chinese cinema Gregory Lee, if america were really china influential essay takes stock of the market value of classic Hollywood and how its domineering storytelling regime has been appropriated, inflected.

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