Effects of the economic crunch on hospitality industry tourism essay

Alok Patnia In one of the historical reforms of the economy of India, Rs and Rs 1, notes were banned effective Tuesday midnight.

Effects of the economic crunch on hospitality industry tourism essay


I had the opportunity recently to attend a presentation by the Greater Houston Restaurant Association GHRA of a study they sponsored of the economic impact of the hospitality industry in Harris County.

The ardent purchasing power of the hospitality industry is both directly and indirectly linked with significant benefits for local businesses in the form of sales, employment, employee income and taxes.

The majority of direct taxes were property taxes paid by hospitality industry establishments and their employees. Additionally, there were an estimated 41, indirect and induced jobs created to support the industry.

The total employment contribution of the Harris County hospitality industry is estimated to befull-time and part-time jobs. One of the things I find impressive about this is that the number of dining and drinking establishments grew from about in the county in to about inwith only seeing a drop in the total.

Something they talked about at the presentation is how hospitality is the first job for many people. That was true for me, and I think it does you a lot of good to spend a few months waiting tables or working some other aspect of food service.

Now that the GHRA has this study, I hope it will help lead it to the right conclusion about food trucks.

Effects of the economic crunch on hospitality industry tourism essay

Torywho was also at the presentation, has more.Strong performances in construction and manufacturing, together with the development of tourism and an offshore financial industry, have also contributed to growth in national output; however, economic growth remained stagnant in after a sizeable contraction in , because of the global economic slowdown's effects on tourism and.

My essay aims at bringing out the essence of "sadna" - training in the hospitality industry. I have discussed in brief the various sectors of the hospitality industry and then given piquant attention to the front office section.

/5(7). Tourism's role in the economy is often perceived as being limited to the hospitality industry (cafes, hotels and restaurants) and outbound and inbound travel agencies and carriers, which form the leading service sector in many countries. The Size and Economic Impact of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Words | 14 Pages The Size and Economic Impact of the Hospitality and Tourism industry: Tourism is a .

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Effects of the economic crunch on hospitality industry tourism essay

The post credit-crunch epoch is inundated with conceptualizations of reality as ‘crisis’. Different approaches to the financial crisis identify and underline different causes for it, but they never question the ontological and epistemological presumption of the claim on crisis.

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