Efforts never fails

Monday, October 24, Why Our Best Efforts Fail You just want to do something good for your community, something that will help feed people and demonstrate what people can accomplish when they work together. So you apply for a grant and turn a dumpy old waste lot into a community garden!

Efforts never fails

They touted big black bears in a recently obtained a land concession that hadn't been hunted in 40 years. For my party this was our main goal to hunt large black bears. The fishing would be an added bonus. We arrived and the weather was cold with snow squalls raking the lake all day.

Jim says; "No bear hunting due to lack of a bear guide but we could fish around the island". Jim did not inform us where he stashes the diesel fuel can for the cabin heat stove, we ran out of fuel around 1: That morning, Jim informed us that he had no guides in camp to take us out to the stand sites.

He did not offer to take us out himself. We later found out Jim has a fear of being out on the lake without a guide with him.

The next day we found out from the first Indian guide to arrive that he had been out placing baits and stands out for us on the day we arrived. They used some oats, gummi bear candy and orange colored marshmallow type peanut candy as baits not very smelly stuff.

Of the 6 stands 2 were showing a little activity.


I was lucky and got a stand that had been hit overnight. Our Indan "shuttle service" guide Vernon Bird confessed that he was afraid of bears and did not linger any longer than absolutely necessary at any bait site.

I was lucky and saw 3 bears that evening. He looked bigger than what he was as I compared him to the 30 gal.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jim failed to mention that too. Probably so his bears would appear bigger. I tracked it 50 yards and waited for my guide to return. Upon his arrival I told him the bear was dead and we brought it to the shoreline but he wouldn't load it in the boat.

He said Jim the outfitter would be angry if we got blood all over his boat. But he said he would come back that night and get it in another older boat.

Efforts never fails

The next morning we got the bear but not before some critters had chewed on it a bit. It stunk to high heaven as it laid out "ungutted" overnight and the weather was warming up.

The meat had spoiled. We caped out the hide and the Indians took and fed the spoiled carcass to their dogs on a nearby island. Afterwards I discover no fishing guide for me now, he is busy taking other hunters out to their stands. With a total of 10 clients in camp there shoud be at least 5 guides present.

Jim did not plan well for the first week his lodge was open even though he had already been there 7 days prior to our arrival. We all learned Jim Weinkauf was not a friendly outfitter now that he had our money and we were forced to adapt to his logistical shortfalls.

He kept the rest of the hunters out on unproductive baits sites day after day. He had me and my now fishing guide haul 2 barrels and bait several miles across the lake to 2 new sites.

I found out those new sites were for next weeks hunters and not for our use. That cut into my guided fishing time as we were not allowed to fish with our guide past 5pm or we would have to pay extra for the additional time.

Nevermind that we had no fishing guides on day 2. On Friday the last day of bear hunting, Jim took my fishing guide from me again and turned him into a bear tracker one hunter shot a small bear the night before. Jim wanted 2 Indiana to track the bear. So I lost a half day of paid guide service due to that.

Jim was not about to go out away from Tate Island himself. Jim would not talk to us at dinner and inquire how we're doing. He never offered to lend his expertise in bear hunting or fishing, most likely because he does not possess any.

I came to the realization that Jim relies totally on his guides to interact with the clients when it comes to fishing and bears. Without the Cree Indians, Jim would not be able to handle even one client by himself.

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Day to day, we could find Jim riding his tractor or his golf cart about camp.Restart. Just because there is a flood doesn't mean farmers stop planting next year. When efforts fail, you have to approach the failure from dissection angle and learn to spend the efforts where you're likely to find better results.

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Effort Quotes, Sayings about trying. Home» Browse Quotes By Subject» Effort. Never give up efforts, even if you fail, the benefit you derive is experience.

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Some people dream of success While others wake up and work hard at it. No one knows what he can do till he tries. Sincere efforts never fail and remember these golden words. For self employed peoples more efforts are the need of the hour and with intelligent planning and control is the key point in development.

You will gain just for your good efforts. Effort Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. Efforts Never Fails. Sp S on S so S red S · May 30 · Latest TOI survey has been done and around 15 lakh people given thr choice..!!

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Efforts never fails

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