Exploring the myths and facts about affirmation action in todays society

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Exploring the myths and facts about affirmation action in todays society

This is an article from the archives. Links and some facts and findings may be outdated. Lessons from loss of affirmative action February 11, This spring, the U. Supreme Court will hear an affirmative action case in the educational context for the first time since the landmark University of California vs.

Bakke case took place 25 years ago.

Chapter 2: Symbol and Myth

In the past decade, a total of four federal circuit courts have ruled in this area, so the Supreme Court has taken the case to resolve a split among them. The Fifth and Eleventh circuits have found affirmative action programs at the University of Texas and the University of Georgia to be unconstitutional, while the Ninth and Sixth circuits, relying on Bakke, have validated race-conscious admissions programs at the University of Washington and the University of Michigan.

The political geography is jarring: As it stands today, federal courts prohibit public universities in the South from using racial preferences to achieve diverse student bodies, but federal courts elsewhere in the United States allow such preferences. And, as it often is, California is ever the exception, since a voter-initiated amendment to the state constitution banned affirmative action in public educational and employment contexts in What lessons can be learned from the experience of post-affirmative action California?

Well, from where I sit as a professor at the only public law school in increasingly diverse Southern California, things do not look so rosy.

Ten years earlier — the year of the L. It is these law, medical and business schools that produce public and private sector leaders at both the state and national level. Studies show that minority lawyers and doctors serve members of their racial groups at rates significantly higher than professionals outside their racial group.

But in California, as the non-white population grows and develops a greater need for legal services, public law schools are actually producing fewer lawyers to serve these communities. The implications are frightening.This approach argued that foundation myths were shaped much more by the needs and agendas of those telling them in the historical present than by the objective facts of the historical past.

It was argued that myths were altered, manipulated, and even created, for use in a strategic and political way. How to Submit the Best Affirmative Action Essay Basic Tips on Writing an Affirmative Action Essay If you’re assigned to write and submit a logical and impressive affirmation action paper, you should be concerned with this .

The Myths There are a handful of myths surrounding positive affirmations. There have always been a few rules in place to make them effective but over the past few years, different teachers or experts added their spin on them and people began to .

But racism is not everywhere, and there is very little at a place like Stanford.

Exploring the myths and facts about affirmation action in todays society

Certainly, no one has accused Stanford's admissions officers of being racist, so perhaps the real problem with affirmative action is that we are pretending to solve a problem that no longer exists. Words of Affirmation can easily be expressed electronically in the workplace­ email, messaging, social media, or text.

Exploring the myths and facts about affirmation action in todays society

on each of them, finishing each one with an attribute or action of your spouse that endears him or her to you. Post-affirmative action admissions policies in California, Texas and Florida that automatically admit a certain percentage (4%, 10% and 20%, respectively) of top students at each high school to the freshman class at state universities do not impact professional schools one iota.

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