Ipl a boon or bane

It was regarded as the next big thing in cricket. Under the able guidance of Lalit Modi, it started off really well.

Ipl a boon or bane

An allusion to the recent 'Brain Fade' between India and Australia when Smith, with his side looking at defeat, tried to get tips from the dressing room on whether he should go for DRS or not, should suffice the conglomeration of technology with Cricket. With the Efflux of timethe format of cricket has changed alot and on field ferociousness has never been a cast out.

Who would want to witness a brutal sight where an Umpire is standing with a broken denture and an eye patch struggling his way out in order to get a clear view or jumping around on the field dodging the ball coming his way. We might call the use of technology as a lure, but don't you think that it gives a lot more transparency to the viewers sitting on to the edge of their couches in their homes enjoying the game and shouting on top of their voices.

Ofcourse the human intervention is must to aid the Hawk-Eye but for me, it saves the Umpire from being accused for taking the wrong decision. Moreover such daunting accusations would have been duely annexed by our own expert analysis of how the ball would have made it's way on to the pads missing the swing of his bat or that there was a loud sound which echoed right from his bat through the TV speakers into my ears crying for the batsman's innocence!

Ipl a boon or bane

I would completely agree with you on the Fancification of stumps though. May be diverting the funds invested into bringing cheerleaders to dance and channelising them for much embellishing stumps might do the job.

I as a viewer would dissent and demur with the opinion that such facilitators can make the Umpires redundant but rather would aid them in vindicating the veracity of their decisions.Indian Premier League- Boon or Bane Umar Rashid Dar IPL as a boon or bane.

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The factors are: Impact on the game of Cricket. Impact on domestic circle of Cricket. Platform/Graveyard for emerging talent. Turn over for franchisees.

Entertainment. Oct 26,  · Twenty is it a boon or bane? Follow.

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4 answers 4. offcourse lausannecongress2018.come a lot of time is needed to watch a lausannecongress2018.com 20 20 IS short prieod game which needs approximately 3 and half hours. IPL's impact on cricket - boon or bane?

Is science a boon or bane?Status: Resolved.

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IPL – A BOON OR BANE Twenty20 as a game has finally emerged now - after the World Cup was staged last year; this is the next prominent step. It remains to be seen if this format is used to the best impact or is it being treated just like the proverbial golden goose?

Ipl a boon or bane

With the Indian Premier League season in full bloom, the cricketing world has. IPL: Boon or Bane to cricket?

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Introduction: Indian Premier League popularly called as IPL is the child of the BCCI which is the most powerful cricket house in the world. Public debt: boon or bane? - Part I. Opinion. Waqar Masood Khan.

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