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Kim chernecky professional writing service

Much of this can be related to the increased availability of Internet information sources throughout society, along with the ease by which material can be located and used.

The impact of the Internet can also been seen in this book. The first edition contained only two pages of information about the Internet, which reflected the small amount of medical information available and the little impact that it had on the profession at that time.

In this new edition, it seems as if hardly a page can be found without some reference to Internet material. This increased emphasis on information has had an effect on both the health care professional, who uses the material, and the patient, who may look up material directly and even bring it in to talk about with a pharmacist or physician.

The ability to obtain, manage, and use information has become an important core skill for the professional. Unfortunately, pharmacists in practice may find it difficult to learn how to manage information, due to a lack of good, comprehensive resources to teach them proven methods for improving their skills.

Students also need a source to supplement the classroom and clerkship training they receive. It is to serve those populations that this book was originally written.

In this third edition, the goal of this book continues to be to educate both students and practitioners on how to efficiently research, interpret, collate, and disseminate information in the most usable form.

While there is no one right method to do these things, proven methods are presented and demonstrated. Also, seldom-addressed issues are covered, such as the legal and ethical considerations of providing information. The book begins by introducing the concept of drug information, including its history, and providing information on various places drug information specialists may be employed.

The book continues on by describing the various steps for obtaining, evaluating, and providing information. Click here for terms of use. This section of the book is designed to teach pharmacists and students useful methods for determining what information is actually needed and how to adequately respond to requests.

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Subsequent chapters allow the reader to further expand their skills in these areas. Once the pharmacist determines what information is needed using the skills outlined in the initial chapters, resources must be consulted to formulate a response. As always, a chapter discussing various resources that may be consulted for specific types of information has been provided, which has expanded coverage of electronic resources, particularly those for personal digital assistants PDAs.

A chapter on electronic information management is included, although there has been an effort to include this type of information throughout the book. Even when information is found, pharmacists must evaluate the literature for quality and usefulness. The earlier editions of this book provided information on how to evaluate the medical literature.

Those evaluation techniques are again in this edition with additional information being provided. Two specific types of literature have been identified for even greater examination— pharmacoeconomics and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

Information is presented on how to both perform such functions and evaluate work prepared by others. Evaluation of information resources often requires knowledge about statistical tests.

kim chernecky professional writing service

The reader of this chapter will discover how to evaluate the appropriateness of statistical tests used in clinical studies. Pharmacists may be asked to provide information in written form.

The next chapter describes how this may be done. Additionally, sections describing how to prepare materials for formal presentations platform and poster and develop Websites are also provided. The legal and ethical aspects of providing information always must be considered.

kim chernecky professional writing service

The chapters on these topics have been updated and improved to be even more useful tham those in previous editions. In particular, additional information has been provided on new privacy regulations that have been instituted because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of HIPAA.

The remaining chapters deal with specialized functions that have often been the responsibility of drug information specialists but may be addressed by other pharmacists.Writing Clinical Research Protocols, Ethical Considerations DERENZO AND MOSS The Database Professional'S Guide To Exploiting Indexe INFORMATION SCIENCES LIGHTSTONE ET AL Target Validation In Drug Discovery METCALF AND DILLON Network Quality Of Service Know It All.

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