Reaction paper the best teacher i

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Reaction paper the best teacher i

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The film won 11 awards and was nominated for 11 other including Gawad Urian Awards. It is the only Filipino film to be released by Warner Bros.

The story of Munting Tinig revolves around a new substitute teacher, Melinda Alessandra de Rossi who transferred at Malawig Elementary School, located in a poor barrio. But Melinda chose to still teach in that provincial public school which lacks in resources because of her passion in teaching and idealism.

The rainy season and NPAs also add to her difficulties. Melinda goes to her work with optimism, smile, and kind words, giving inspiration to her students to dream.

Reaction paper the best teacher i

But there are struggles that came into her way, like corrupt school administrators, parents who force their children to help them in the fields, and political conflicts that triggers fathers and sons to join guerilla forces fighting in the mountains. When supervisors came to visit their school, they invited Malawig Elementary School to join the regional singing competition.

Melinda being an idealistic teacher, she encouraged her students to join.

As political conflicts in Malawig arises, people were killed including Popoy and his father. But it does not go long because the students showed enthusiasm in joining.

At the day of the competition, they performed their piece well and won. Melinda decided to go to America to see her parents and test whether where she really belong.

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After a year, she went back to the Philippines and taught again. The message of the movie is very heart-warming, it talks about reality that is mostly seen by Filipinos but not usually elaborated. The movie presented an eye-awakening concept for everyone.

The struggles associated in the film like poverty, lack of educational resources for the children in barrios, and political conflicts which resulted in deaths of the innocents help in the deliverance of the message of the film which is: The performance of the characters is impressive, de Rossi Melinda as a courageous and goal-oriented teacher; Doria Mrs.

Pantalan as a corrupt and irritating teacher who also has a soft side; Adlawan Fe as a teacher who lacks in ability to learn and teach; Alajar Chayong as a loving mother who only wants the best for her daughter Pilar; Austria Luz as a supportive parent and a mother who only wants the safety of her family; and Homecillo Popoy as an innocent and jolly child whose death caused a sorrowful feeling for the viewers.

From the major characters to the minor characters, their performances were not force acting, but rather real and something that is full of emotions and sincerity.

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The plot of the story is organized, not so many loops and twists except only at the end part. The sequencing of scenes is predictable, a viewer could probably guess what would happen next as the movie progresses.

But eventually, it is shown as a flashback as Melinda travels. Other than that, the plot of the movie is okay- plain and predictable. It is not like the music in other films which is very pleasing in the ears and could add thrills- it is simple. If the movie will be made again, hopes are up that its cinematography would improve and its music would be better still having that heart-warming message and sincerity.

The movie as a whole is impressive, it is a must-watch movie after all. Even though it has minor deficiencies, those deficiencies did not degrade the over-all performance of the movie.

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Furthermore, the movie is a total-packaged type, it has drama, comedy, and inspiring scenes which will not make the viewers not to finish watching it.The Adopt-A-School Program, which started in , was created to help generate investments and support to education outside the mainstream funding and the national budget.

Mar 27,  · 13 Responses to “Reaction Paper: Teaching and Assessing Reading” Francheska Says: March 29, at pm. Reading is one of the basic skills that our ESL student’s should be .

Reaction paper the best teacher i

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This article is called “Teacher strike across the country for better public education” written byShannon Marie Hazlitt & Sam Edwards, publ.

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