Reaction to the gods must be

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Reaction to the gods must be

The Gods Must Be Crazy is the rare exception, an offbeat movie that is also brilliant It's a little slow-paced, and the comedy is often silly, but if you want to see a movie that is entertaining, sometimes hilarious, and always unique, this is a good one. Marius Weyers plays a white South African, Rhodesian, or whatever biologist who works in the African bush.

He's a grown-up Boy Scout, good with machines, good with animals rhinos, etc. Sandra Prinsloo is an improbably great-looking mission schoolteacher who causes Weyers' otherwise calm character to break into destructive, nervous attacks whenever she is onscreen.

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This premise is the excuse for long sequences of slapstick, which Weyers is very good at. Meanwhile, the area is threatened by guerilla fighting, and a Bushman played by N!

Those are pretty much the only elements in the plot, but it's enough to work with, and the result is a thoughtful satire that pokes fun at African political chaos and Anglo fatuousness at the same time. The Gods Must Be Crazy is slapstick with a message It also works because Weyers is funny and likeable, and rhinos are funny animals.

Fans of the Animal Planet network will enjoy this movie, if they haven't already seen it. Some might complain that the film's treatment of the Bushmen is not too accurate -- Bushmen are not this clueless about the ways of the white man -- but most of the white characters in the movie are just as goofy, so the film's pretty even-handed in that respect.

It's a perfect Sunday afternoon comedy, and now available on DVD along with its sequel.From an historical perspective, The Gods Must Be Crazy is an unvarnished bag of cats.

Reaction to the gods must be

The film was written and directed by South African Jamie Uys in , during the worst decade of apartheid. The film was written and directed by South African Jamie Uys in , during the worst decade of apartheid.

The sequel "The Gods Must Be Crazy II" is also a very good story. Customer reviews: The Gods Must Be Crazy ()

Much of the story is from the eyes of a Bushman who has no knowledge of anything other than his village. It is as if the outside world does not exist, until he begins his trek to find the end of the world.

 An Anthropological Glance at The Gods Must Be Crazy 1. In the film “The God’s Must Be Crazy” we see a contrast from the “civilized” world to that of the “non-civillized” does civillized seem to mean in the film? In the film civillized seems to mean modern life. REACTION PAPER THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY The movie “The gods must be crazy” shows how cultures differ in every place, particularly the inhabitants of Kalahari Desert and the civilized people in the city.

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Mar 10,  · The past two days in Global ethics we watched a very funny movie called, The gods must be crazy. Before reading the novel, Ishmael, this video would have just been a comedy to me.

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