The gujarat model

Click for full image Hyderabad: However, the Gujarat model of development has led to growth in per capita income and industrial growth, but fared poor in social indicators like poverty alleviation and Human development.

The gujarat model

If it is unfair to compare the Gujarat's tourism growth with National tourism rate, lets see how it has done compared to other states, Gujarat stands 9th in the top 10 states list of highest domestic The gujarat model. Leading the list is Andra Pradesh with million visitors, followed by Tamil Nadu million.

In terms of absolute numbers TN got million visitors as against Gujarat with mere 22 million. Surely, a thing to get noticed. Lets keep development aside for some time and see how Gujarat model of governance is working.

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Gujarat model of governance - Clean and corruption free. This undoubtedly the best one, standing at the top of all his claims. Well there are two ways to achieve this clean and corruption free status, 1.

Make everyone from top politician to common man clean and corruption free. No one asks any bribe, commission, nobody misuses his powers and misuse public funds.

Remove anyone who could possibly find out that you are corrupt. Create false statistics, Heavily publicise it in all the rallies, use social media, use your followers, use you advertising PR machine, lobbying agency, making everyone believe that you have eliminated all the corruption.

Never in the history of mankind, with so many super heroes coming in, able to make our society - corruption free and politics - clean, leave alone Gujarat model and Modi, however supernatural he may seem to his followers.

Modi is left to adopt second choice, and have to say he is quite successful in it. Comptroller and Auditor General CAG of India has come up with many reports on How Modi government gave undue benefits to corporates resulting in several hundred crores loss to exchequer.

How his investments from borrowing is turning bad and how he doing excess market borrowing to finance the fiscal deficit. While writing this article, report is not updated in official CAG website, but you can find the copy of full report here. There are many allegations against his government in allocating lands to the corporates at cheap throw away rate, as less as 1 Rs per square feet to Adani group.

This is the reason why, Infosys and other companies also asked the land for Rs. If you see corporate leaders like Ratan Tata praising Modi, you now know why. Man, you give me hundreds and thousands of acres of land at that insane price, I'll completely turn my article in favour of you.

What else can a corporate leader with business mind, getting undue benefits from you can say about you? Department of Information Technology DIT report prepared after assessment of e-governance projects, suggests people in Gujarat have to pay bribes — around Rs on average — to get services from government departments which have been computerised.

It was not because he was paid from Congress that, one of the most renowned and respected Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare said, Modi is not worthy of being PM candidate. He saidModi created hurdles in setting up Lokayukta. People are tossing his Modi's name for the PM's post. If he is so good a candidate why did he not bring a strong Lokayukta bill?

Anna Hazare's comments are not baseless, lets see why. Gujarat doesn't have a Lokayukta since SM Soni retired in Thanks to Supreme court, on JulyGujarat has now got a Lokayukta. There was never a period in history where Gujarat didn't had a Lokayukta fromthe year when its Lokayukta took his office.

In Gujarat, the process of appointing Lokayukta was as follows, Governor on consultation with the Chief Justice of the High Court and Leader of the opposition party.

Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers can just aid and advice the Governor in the exercise of all his functions. However Chief Minister has to formally request Governor for the process of appoint to start. Mr Modi recently changed these steps to suit him, we shall see it later.

For now lets see some of the interesting game plans of Modi against bringing Lokayukta.

The gujarat model

I have extracted important sequence of events from the High Court judgement copy and have made some part bold, you may read only that, as I feel it has become a bit lengthy. Chief Justice Shri Mukhopadhayaya recommended retired high court judge R.

Mehta for the post of Lokayukta. Ramesh Amritlal Mehta suitable for appointment to this post.

Growth in Gujarat hasn’t been confined to 1% of population

I accordingly, recommend the name of Hon'ble Mr.As the Elections get closer than ever, Modi’s 10 year long propaganda of the ‘Gujarat Model’ is going out of the window and is being quickly replaced by what Modi and his team know the best, what they have done repeatedly in Gujarat, communalize the vote bank – the real ‘Gujarat Model’.

While Modi. Here, both Bhagwati and Panagariya lauded the Gujarat model of development — where the State had achieved rapid economic growth and industrial development along with infrastructure development, such as good roads and 24x7 electricity, by easing investment rules and cutting red tape.

While the Adani Group’s revenue increased 20 times in a span of 12 years from Rs crore in to Rs crore in in the times when Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, here is the Adani-Modi Nexus and the reality of the Gujarat Model.

2 days ago · A team from the Life Sciences Department of the Gujarat University, professor Rakesh Rawal, and a PhD student Kanisha Shah, took 11 months to identify a model consisting of 8 genes, with changes in the genes being associated with liver metastasis.

The famous ‘Gujarat Model’ development has been a topic for debate ever since the term was coined in the second half of last decade. While economist Jagdish Bhagwati strongly endorsed the model, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen strongly criticised it and pointed out its basic flaws and has strongly articulated a model which pushes inclusive growth.

Aug 02,  · Gujarat Model of Debt Management: If you are in debt, don't worry, borrow more to show that you are rich. Outstanding liabilities of Gujarat government (public debt) as a percentage of GSDP is higher than the all India average.

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