Transportation research board call papers

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Transportation research board call papers

Background[ edit ] Recent[ when? Many of the proposed ITS systems also involve surveillance of the roadways, which is a priority of homeland security. Further, ITS can play a role in the rapid mass evacuation of people in urban centers after large casualty events Transportation research board call papers as a result of a natural disaster or threat.

Much of the infrastructure and planning involved with ITS parallels the need for homeland security systems. In the developing worldthe migration from rural to urbanized habitats has progressed differently.

Transportation research board call papers

Many areas of the developing world have urbanised without significant motorisation and the formation of suburbs. A small portion of the population can afford automobilesbut the automobiles greatly increase congestion in these multimodal transportation systems.

They also produce considerable air pollutionpose a significant safety risk, and exacerbate feelings of inequities in the society. High population density could be supported by a multimodal system of walking, bicycle transportation, motorcyclesbusesand trains. Other parts of the developing world, such as ChinaIndia and Brazil remain largely rural but are rapidly urbanising and industrialising.

In these areas a motorised infrastructure is being developed alongside motorisation of the population. Great disparity of wealth means that only a fraction of the population can motorise, and therefore the highly dense multimodal transportation system for the poor is cross-cut by the highly motorised transportation system for the rich.

Intelligent transportation technologies[ edit ] Intelligent transport systems vary in technologies applied, from basic management systems such as car navigation ; traffic signal control systems; container management systems; variable message signs; automatic number plate recognition or speed cameras to monitor applications, such as security CCTV systems; and to more advanced Transportation research board call papers that integrate live data and feedback from a number of other sources, such as parking guidance and information systems; weather information ; bridge de-icing US deicing systems; and the like.

Smart Cities Week Washington, D.C.

Additionally, predictive techniques are being developed to allow advanced modelling and comparison with historical baseline data. Some of these technologies are described in the following sections. Short-range communications of m can be accomplished using IEEE Theoretically, the range of these protocols can be extended using Mobile ad hoc networks or Mesh networking.

Long-range communications using these methods are well established, but, unlike the short-range protocols, these methods require extensive and very expensive infrastructure deployment. There is lack of consensus as to what business model should support this infrastructure.

Transportation research board call papers

Computational technologies[ edit ] Recent advances in vehicle electronics have led to a move towards fewer, more capable computer processors on a vehicle. The current trend is toward fewer, more costly microprocessor modules with hardware memory management and real-time operating systems.

The new embedded system platforms allow for more sophisticated software applications to be implemented, including model-based process controlartificial intelligenceand ubiquitous computing. Perhaps the most important of these for Intelligent Transportation Systems is artificial intelligence.

Floating car data RFID E-ZPass reader attached to the pole and its antenna right used in traffic monitoring in New York City by using vehicle re-identification method "Floating car" or "probe" data collected other transport routes.

Broadly speaking, four methods have been used to obtain the raw data: In developed countries a high proportion of cars contain one or more mobile phones.

The phones periodically transmit their presence information to the mobile phone network, even when no voice connection is established.

In the mids, attempts were made to use mobile phones as anonymous traffic probes. As a car moves, so does the signal of any mobile phones that are inside the vehicle. By measuring and analysing network data using triangulationpattern matching or cell-sector statistics in an anonymous formatthe data was converted into traffic flow information.

With more congestion, there are more cars, more phones, and thus, more probes. In metropolitan areas, the distance between antennas is shorter and in theory accuracy increases. An advantage of this method is that no infrastructure needs to be built along the road; only the mobile phone network is leveraged.

But in practice the triangulation method can be complicated, especially in areas where the same mobile phone towers serve two or more parallel routes such as a motorway freeway with a frontage road, a motorway freeway and a commuter rail line, two or more parallel streets, or a street that is also a bus line.

By the early s, the popularity of the triangulation method was declining[ citation needed ]. Vehicle re-identification methods require sets of detectors mounted along the road. In this technique, a unique serial number for a device in the vehicle is detected at one location and then detected again re-identified further down the road.

Travel times and speed are calculated by comparing the time at which a specific device is detected by pairs of sensors. Position readings from these vehicles are used to compute vehicle speeds.

Modern methods may not use dedicated hardware but instead Smartphone based solutions using so called Telematics 2. Smartphones having various sensors can be used to track traffic speed and density. The accelerometer data from smartphones used by car drivers is monitored to find out traffic speed and road quality.

Audio data and GPS tagging of smartphones enables identification of traffic density and possible traffic jams. This was implemented in Bangalore, India as a part of a research experimental system Nericell.

Sensing systems for ITS are vehicle- and infrastructure-based networked systems, i.November, PodCar dreams: the new age commuting plan for Thane City (India) Why automakers try to slow and stifle the EV revolution.

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