Wechats influence to the collage student

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Wechats influence to the collage student

Eric Landrum Abstract I studied the effects movies have on influencing college students to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes and if there was a gender difference in who was influenced more by the movies.

There have been many studies conducted on adolescents involving how much movies have influenced them to smoke or drink. However, my study focuses on college students and analyzes the impact films have had on them in their choice to drink or smoke.

A total of general psychology students completed a survey that was composed of questions created by students enrolled in PsychologyResearch Methods, who were working on their own research report for the semester. A total of seven questions were asked by me in the survey involving whether movies influenced the participants to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

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The end result of the study was that movies do not influence college students to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, thus accepting the null hypothesis and stating that movies do not influence college students in anyway.

The second hypothesis of whether there is a gender difference also had the null hypothesis accepted.

Wechats influence to the collage student

This conclusion suggests that other factors may contribute in the decision of college students to start smoking or drinking, such as peer pressure or living a difficult house environment. It is also recommended to analyze other forms of media as a source of influencing college students to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

This document is currently not available here.In the late s, a young graduate student from Switzerland named Hansjrg Wyss took a summer job with the Colorado Highway Department. In his free time, he explored, climbed, and camped in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains.

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Wechats influence to the collage student

Wechat's influence to the collage student Words Nov 25th, 10 Pages Theory of Wechat the impact on college students' interpersonal communication: micro letter as a new means and new way of interpersonal communication, quickly get the attention of college students and active participation.

Chao’s experience is far from unusual in China, where sex education is patchy and more often nonexistent, says Yao Sifan, an year-old Beijing high school student. How Colleges Can Influence the Development of a Global Perspective By: Larry A.

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Engberg Higher education has always stressed the development of the “whole student” along several dimensions—intellectual, social, civic, physical, moral, and spiritual.

Influences of Students’ Success Does the students’ behavior affect their academic success? I think that a person’s behavior or habits does affect their academic success. I will provide information that proves that behavior does .

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