Writing a novel people want to read

In this book, King discusses how he came to be the writer we know today. He also includes a toolkit packed with tips for beginners and a reading list with a few of his own favorites.

Writing a novel people want to read

Most writers who set out to write a book never complete one so you are already way ahead of those other people.

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I hear you now. No one book is for everyone. So you might do everything right and still get a bad review.

writing a novel people want to read

Especially if they all repeat the same issue. Do yourself—and your future readers—a favor and make sure your book is a shiny as possible before you hit publish.

So what kind of readers do you need? There is no one right fit for everyone here so find what works best for you, but let me start off with this sobering advice: It takes 10, hours doing something to become an expert at it. Write all the time. Writing well takes lots, and lots, and lots of practice.

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I stopped for a while, then started back up with my blog. I wrote several blog posts a week for a couple of years. I spent hours on a single blog post.

Writing it, editing it, editing it some more.

writing a novel people want to read

But I was better. I was TONS better. I learned how to plot a story. I learned about pacing. I was still working on dialogue. My description downright sucked. Then I wrote my first book. I spent a month and a half fast and furiously writing that 96, word book.

Was it a waste of time? I learned so, so much with that first book.When you read a lot of novels, it feels like it should be an easy leap into writing them. But there are some aspects to think about before jumping into the writing process that will help along the way. People who read mysteries like to solve puzzles and anticipate a resolution at the end.

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But reader expectations go far beyond that. Readers want to identify with the hero, to experience the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of seeing the perpetrator punished. 84 thoughts on “ Writing a Novel People Want to Read ” QPGirl May 12, at pm. I think writing for your audience takes practice and I’m not quite there.

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction. In truth, I suspect that most people who want to write a novel, don't really want to do the writing bit. What they want is to publish a novel.

And then, they want to take their friends to a bookshop, point at the shiny cover in the display, and bask in the admiration and adulation that tends to befall writers.

Write the Book You Want to Read by Cathy Day. Here’s the course description for my course: Advanced Fiction: Novel Writing. According to a recent survey, 81 percent of . Jan 02,  · If you want to write a novel, first decide when your story happens, where the characters live, and how those settings will influence them.

Then, create characters who will live in the world you are building, and give the characters some sort of conflict that must be resolved%().

Write the Book You Want to Read - Cathy Day